Interview of Borislav Mitkov

On the occasion of the third illustration, we asked some questions to Borislav.
  • Hello Borislav, could you tell us something about your personal background and how you came to be the passion of drawing?

Hello Michael. I was born in Russia, but spend most of my life here in Bulgaria with my family. The passion for drawing came from a friend of mine, somewhere in  the middle school he introduced me to some of the worlds best artists and at that point I decided to start drawing. Went to art school, then university – studying Fine arts. In the 2005 I started working for my current studio Ubisoft – Sofia, where I had a chance to work on some of the best projects: Assassin’s Creed, HAWX, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Prince of Persia etc. Right now I work freelance a lot, and projects as « Roweyna » are really exciting and challenging.

  • What are the illustrators who have influenced you and also your other influences in general?

I love the works of some of the classic artists as Leonardo, Rubens, Russian artist as Shishkin, Vasnetzov and Repin. From the illustrators my favorites are Paul Bonner, Frank Frazetta, Iain McCaig, Dan Milligan. I’m strongly influenced by some classic movies as Star Wars, Legend, Willow, Lord of the Rings and books.

  • You got me say love the heroic fantasy, what are your favourite authors and bring they something has your work

Yes, I love fantasy books. Of course one of my favorite authors is Robert Howard and his Conan stories, J.R.R.Tolkien, Andrzey Sapkowski and his « Witcher » books. Just to name few 🙂

  • Do you have a project which you would like to heart and that you would like to achieve one day?

My goal is almost achieved 🙂 With the opportunity to work on « Roweyna », I am close to my long time wish to illustrate books – especially fantasy books. My next step would be working for major publishers as Wizards of the coast and their « Magic the Gathering » series. I just love the worlds they create and the artworks already done by some of the big names in the industry.

Thanks Borislav for having responded to my questions and we have allowed to know you a little more. It is a great pleasure to work with you and I hope that WoTC reads us right now 😉 Thanks to share and like it.